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Julie Foreman

So wonderful to see the work you are doing in the world to spread His word. Proud to say I knew you when... and that while your dreams and path continues to change over the years, you are happily on a journey that is growing boundaries (and your family) by leaps and bounds!! God bless.

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  • I love to cook. There are nights I make incredible meals. Everyone eats to satisfaction. Mouths are happy. Stomachs are happy. We've had a great time around the table. There are also nights I make popcorn for dinner. The life of a missionary is a lot like my cooking. There are a lot of great moments. We see God do amazing things in the lives of people around us. And then there are a lot of normal moments too. That is this blog. I'll share some amazing moments as a missionary, but I'll also share life as we live it. And those days are Popcorn for Dinner.
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