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This makes me want to cry, Nancy, because I'll miss you! But it also makes me so happy and so excited for the plans God has for you! love

Dori Hagen

Wow! Good morning Nancy! I was moved to tears as I read your blog and I can't even put a finger on why. You're family will be in my prayers. Love you,

Cristi Schroeder

Thank you for sharing about this move of God. We love and appreciate all you've meant to Moldova and the Freedom Home. May God continue to be glorified in and through you and doing the miraculous through the works He's led you to pioneer. He will be faithful to complete all He's begun! <3

Robin Owens

Not yet, but soon! I like to think of big changes as little bends in the road, where we're only given enough for the next step. Praying with you for the journey! More opportunities to experience God! ~R

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